Help us find algae blooms!

We have a small team looking for and analyzing algae blooms, but we can’t document and test what we don’t know about!

You can report in any number of ways - and we’d LOVE a picture

Fill out the form below

Email us at (please attach a picture)

Post on our Facebook page (and a picture)

And/or - fill in the form and indicate on the map below where the algae was observed. We don’t have the technology to allow you to upload a picture with the form, but if you click on the map below, you can add a picture there!

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Also - please describe the size - was it just around a small area near the shore? Did it go out into the river/sound? Were you in your boat and it went on for a very long time. The more information you can give makes it easier to send someone out to test.

Please click on the map below to indicate where the report algae bloom was sseen. You can enlarge the map by click on the “open square” in the upper right corner of the map below. Pictures can be attached to the map item by clicking on the camera icon after adding your location. Please use the date of sighting as the “Title” of the map point. GOOGLE CHROME IS REQUIRED FOR EDITING.