Pasquotank County Hurricane Matthew Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

(HMGP-Matthew) Request for Real Estate Appraisal Services – Second Request

 Pasquotank County is currently involved in the administration of a Hurricane Matthew Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP-Matthew) funded by the NC Division of Emergency Management.  During the course of the project, the county will require appraisal services from an NC Certified Real Estate Appraiser.  Required services will include preparation of Uniform Residential Appraisal Report as required by 49CFR24 for the acquisition of real property with federal funds.  Approximately five (5) parcels will require appraisal reports.

 If your firm is interested in providing services to Pasquotank County for this program, please respond by May 31, 2019.  The county requires a letter of interest, a brief description of experience in the Pasquotank County area, a listing of general experience in the area of community development, and a cost per parcel for Appraisal Reports.  Since the county will require a quick turnaround for appraisals, please also indicate your firm’s average response time for preparation of individual appraisal reports.  The county will consider efficiency and experience as well as cost in the selection process.

 Please submit your response in writing to Holland Consulting Planners, Inc., Attn: Ryan Cox, CFM, Project Manager, 3329 Wrightsville Avenue, Suite F, Wilmington, NC 28403.  Please also indicate on the envelope “Appraisal Services Proposal Enclosed.”  If you have any questions concerning the scope of work, do not hesitate to contact me at (910) 392-0060.







                 Activity consists of:   Reconstruction of approximately one (1) residential structure located in Pasquotank County, NC.


 Qualification submittals must be received by 5:00 PM, May 31, 2019.

 Please indicate Pasquotank County HMGP‑Matthew Engineering Services RFQ@ on the envelope.

Submit two (2) copies of the qualifications submittal to:

Holland Consulting Planners, Inc.
Attn: Ryan Cox, CFM, Project Manager
3329 Wrightsville Avenue, Suite F
Wilmington, NC 28403



Based upon qualifications, Pasquotank County will select one consulting engineering firm.  Statements of qualifications will be solicited from all firms who wish to be considered for this project.  Submittals received by the deadline established in this Request for Qualifications will be reviewed and evaluated by Pasquotank County representatives in accordance with the following selection criteria: 

1.            Firm's experience in residential structural engineering, and specifically in HMGP/FMA Elevation and Retrofitting projects;

 2.            Residential structural engineering and HMGP/FMA project engineering qualifications and competence of key personnel assigned to the project;

 3.            Capability of the firm to perform the desired services within an acceptable time frame and within financial constraints;

 4.            Availability of a qualified resident inspector;

 5.            Evaluation of existing and anticipated additional workload of the firm during project development;

Pasquotank County will select the firm (ranked in order of qualifications) best qualified to perform the engineering services detailed in these instructions.

Pasquotank County will attempt to negotiate a fee with the number one ranked firm.  If a mutually satisfactory fee is negotiated by the parties, it will be approved.  If efforts to negotiate a fair and reasonable fee are unsuccessful with the number one ranked firm, negotiations will cease with that firm and begin with the second ranked firm.  If the county is unable to negotiate a satisfactory agreement with either of the firms, the county will select additional firms in order of their competence and qualifications and continue negotiations until a satisfactory agreement has been reached and approved by Pasquotank County.



Please provide the following information in the qualifications submittal for engineering services:

1.            Name of firm
2.            Location of offices
3.            List of references
4.            Residential structural engineering experience of firm, including HMGP/FMA engineering services for Hurricanes Isabel, Irene, Matthew or other storm events/mitigation initiatives.
5.            Names and qualifications, including residential structural and HMGP/FMA engineering experience, of all personnel who will work on the project, including resident inspector.
6.            Projected availability of design/inspection personnel assigned to the project for a period of approximately eighteen months beginning at date of award.
7.            Documentation that the engineer or surveyor in responsible charge of the work is a licensed Professional Engineer or Professional Land Surveyor in the State of North Carolina in good standing with the North Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors (current active license in North Carolina).
8.            Documentation that the firm and any of its corporate subsidiaries to be used on the program, as well as all team members, are properly registered to do business in North Carolina with the Office of the Secretary of State and with North Carolina Board of Engineers and Licensed Surveyors (NCBEES).
9.            In a clearly marked separate seal envelope, provide hourly rates for personnel to be utilized on the project.  Include a table outlining the percentage of total work to be assigned to each pay classification of project team members.




The Professional Engineer(s) shall work with the Grant Administrator and the Pasquotank County Building Inspector to assist in the implementation and completion of the project.  The selected firm will need to provide the following in accordance with program requirements:


  • Development of specific foundation specifications and drawings for the project based upon the North Carolina Residential Building Code requirements and generally accepted coastal structural design standards.

  •   Pre-elevation inspection of the structures proposed for elevation and preparation of a written statement for the HMGP/FMA elevation feasibility checklist and Scope of Work indicating any concerns with structural feasibility and briefly outlining any proposed unit-specific design modifications.

  •   Limited technical feasibility analysis and engineering design at the specific request of the Pasquotank County Building Inspector for structures requiring engineering design modifications in excess of the requirements of the NC Building Code and/or the generally accepted structural design standards.

  •    Limited on-site inspection and review of contractors= work at the request of Pasquotank County, including provision of written documentation to the Building Inspector certifying that completed unit-specific foundation and accesses were properly constructed.