Elizabeth Reid

Pasquotank County

The three specific proposals of this Call for Action are critical to the maintenance of flood control and water quality in our area. With waterways penetrating such a large proportion of our land areas, we need to ensure that waterways are cleared of debris and that they remain healthy and free of algal blooms.

Barbara Woolwine

Keeps our rivers and waterways clean is everyone business! Please do your part! Fertilizing your lawn so it is a beautiful green isn't doing your part! Not when you live on or right across from a river, creek or other waterway. Rains wash it right down to the waterway and into our streams and rivers. Stop and think before you put chemicals on your lards! Clean water is more important than a green lawn!

Lee Powell

Chowan County

The quality of our water is vitally important to our community. Tourists come to our counties for many reasons, but primary among those is recreation, including canoeing, fishing, boating and enjoying the natural beauty. These are the same reasons people choose to move here. With the increase in algal blooms we stand to loose tax dollars which fund our emergency services, schools and roads. Stormwater run-off and drainage issues directly impact the quality of the water in our streams, rivers, and the Albemarle Sound. These i. Turn directly affect our quality of life.

John Sakolosky

It is dismaying and very concerning to see this toxic algae in the river. The algae is a threat to the animals which call the river home, but also people who depend on the river for a way of life. It also reduces or erases its recreational value. It is imperative that we take steps to eliminate the algae and the factors which contribute to its growth.

Rosemary Wallio

Pasquotank County

Boating is important to our economy and for recreation. Clean rivers bring travelers to our town and boost our economy. Facebook boating groups are getting the word out that the algae will damage the boat engines. Fishing and pleasure boats are not utilizing the river. I live on the ICW and boats travel from the welcome center to Eliz City. Not being able to enjoy the river is so sad.