Nita Criner

Chowan County
We utilize the Chowan river for sporting and family events. Like many, seeking water front property as an investment. After 23 yrs residing on the river, due to increase of various types of algae bloom, this has deeply impacted the functionality and pleasures residents receive not to mention the impact on wildlife and human health. The sole purpose of enjoyment why consumers seek water front property. It has caused a decrease in property resale value in highly advertised historic waterfront community-based area, yet with Chowan County increasing real estate taxes with low resale values? It makes no sense? What consumer is going to want to buy property on a river you can't utilize. Where is the extra income revenue going? Tax paying citizens would like to see results and documentation of any funding coming directly into Chowan county to address this very issue on the Chowan. Residents would also like to see the research and results from other waterfront areas such as where there are trenches around the farm fields to assist with the run off.