Elizabeth Reid

Pasquotank County

The three specific proposals of this Call for Action are critical to the maintenance of flood control and water quality in our area. With waterways penetrating such a large proportion of our land areas, we need to ensure that waterways are cleared of debris and that they remain healthy and free of algal blooms.

Rosemary Wallio

Pasquotank County

Boating is important to our economy and for recreation. Clean rivers bring travelers to our town and boost our economy. Facebook boating groups are getting the word out that the algae will damage the boat engines. Fishing and pleasure boats are not utilizing the river. I live on the ICW and boats travel from the welcome center to Eliz City. Not being able to enjoy the river is so sad.

Joy Johnson

Pasquotank County

Our family has enjoyed the beauty of the Little River for 42 years. It is sad that we can not be in the water this summer for swimming, fishing, and other water activities. Hopefully there will soon be help for our wonderful river! Thanks to all the volunteers working so hard to gather water samples, pictures, and other information.