2018 Tax Liens



Under and by virtue of the authority vested in me by section 105-369 of the North Carolina General Statutes and pursuant to an order by the Pasquotank County Board of Commissioners I am hereby advertising tax liens for the year 2018 upon the real estate described below. The amount advertised will be increased by interest and costs and the omission of interest and costs from the amount advertised will not constitute a waiver of the taxing unit’s claim for those items. The real estate that is subject to the lien, the name of the person who owned the property on the day taxes became delinquent (January 6, 2019) and the principal amount of the taxes are set out below. If the taxes remain unpaid the lien will be foreclosed by the taxing unit and the property sold to satisfy the taxing unit’s claim for taxes. These collection procedures do not apply to taxpayers who may be

under a current U. S. bankruptcy plan or who’s payment due date has been extended by the law.



This 10th day of March, 2019


Patrice C. Stewart

Pasquotank County Tax Administrator

Security breach

This notice is being provided by Pasquotank County, North Carolina, in connection with a breach of security involving computerized data at Pasquotank-Camden Emergency Medical Services, (“PCEMS”). 

PCEMS recently became aware of what looked like an unauthorized intrusion into a server housing billing information relating to the emergency medical services that the County provides. The County immediately notified the Sheriff of Pasquotank County, and federal law enforcement authorities were notified after the breach was verified.  The investigators determined that the intrusion resulted from actions by a hacker operating from outside of the United States.  The information that was exposed may have included social security numbers, dates of birth and/or medical information collected by the EMS service.  Although there is evidence that the information in question was accessed, the County has no evidence that the information was taken by the intruder or that there has been any misuse of any of the information. 

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