Pasquotank County will accept sealed proposals until 2:00 p.m., local time, February 20, 2019, for Architectural/Engineering Services for the demolition of the former Elizabeth City Middle School Annex and design work for the façade of the school gymnasium, located at 306 North Road Street. 

Firms desiring to be considered must have demonstrated expertise and experience in a wide variety of construction projects.  Pasquotank County will short list and select a firm with the intent to award the project to the firm selected.  Interviews may be held.

 The scope of work may include: 

* Design Services – provide plans and specifications, bidding documents and regulatory permits for the demolition of the former Elizabeth City Middle School Annex Building and façade work to the point of attachment to the school gymnasium.  Firms may be asked to provide construction administration and inspection services. 

 In accordance with specifications herein, proposals shall provide straightforward, concise delineation of capabilities, experience, and approach to the tasks outlined in this request.  Statements of interest and qualifications should be limited to twenty-five (25) pages including attachments (resumes, photographs, charts, etc., if desired).  Firms are requested to specifically address the following items providing separate information for each project, as required: 

  1. Firm’s organization, size, history, range of experience, and interest in the project.

  2. Organizational chart of personnel by job title and corporate affiliation to be assigned to the project.

  3. Resumes of key personnel to be assigned to the project, including level of responsibility for projects similar in scope.

  4. Project summaries, including reference contact information, for maximum of five (5) projects, which are similar in scope to the project, described herein and which demonstrate pertinent corporate and key personnel experience.

  5. Operational plan and detailed project production schedule.

  6. Pasquotank County reserves the right to request a plan sheet from a similar project.

  7. Offeror must provide certification that no company member has affiliations with or hold interest in any organization or contact firm that would participate in the installation of the work to be contracted.

Pasquotank County shall not be responsible for any expense incurred by the firm in preparing and submitting a proposal or expenses incurred related to subsequent inquiries or interviews for evaluation or contract negotiations.  All proposals submitted shall become the property of Pasquotank County.  All submissions are final and may not be withdrawn.

Firms must submit five (5) copies of their proposal to Sparty Hammett, County Manager. All proposals must be signed in ink by principal(s) of the firm authorized to negotiate and contract for the work.  Proposals are to be returned in sealed envelope(s)/container(s) and be received by the County Manager no later than 2:00 p.m. local time, of the date specified for acceptance. 

Submit proposals to:

Sparty Hammett, County Manager
Pasquotank County
206 E Main Street
Elizabeth City, North Carolina 27909

Pasquotank County reserves the right to request clarification of information submitted and request additional information from one or more applicants.  Failure to provide additional information, if requested, within a reasonable amount of time, shall be reason for the firm’s offer to be considered non-responsive.

Pasquotank County shall review each proposal and verify the claims and credentials of each offer.  Evaluation of proposals for the selection process shall include the following criteria:  adequacy and credentials of professional-level and support staffing; relevant experience of key personnel; relevant team experience; approach to task/operational plan; appropriateness of proposed schedule; quality of prior work including timeliness and cost control; organizational and communication skills; completeness and quality of proposal.

Pasquotank County may cancel Request for Proposals or reject proposals at any time prior to an award, and is not required to furnish a statement of reason as to why a particular proposal was not deemed to be the most advantageous. The procurement of these professional services shall be in accordance with North Carolina Procurement guidelines.

Requests for information concerning the Request for Proposal or regarding technical matters of this proposal, including inspection of the job site, should be directed to:

Sparty Hammett, County Manager
Pasquotank County
(252) 335-0865

Pasquotank County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive any technicalities in proposals received, to negotiate, and to accept the proposal that shall be in the County’s best interest.